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We envisage such amicable and natural environment on earth which fulfills the demand and need of the society living in the Biome free from any kind of exploitation and injustice.



To organize the community, educate and empower them, develop art and skill for better and sustainable livelihood, develop eco-friendly culture and good health by promoting traditional techniques & measures and dissemination of innovative technology.


Our Approach

  • To participate actively, directly or indirectly in the process of development in partnership with marginalized communities, voluntary organizations and others.
  • To implement the programs and services for the target groups in order to enable them to have access to the basic amenities and rights.
  • To follow the bottom-up planning and bottom-up development approach.
  • Building strong linkages with government, national and international organizations.
  • To follow the integrated and multi-disciplinary approach.
  • To implement the initiatives through people centered approach.